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Las Alpujarras

Alpujarras, Spain

The south of Spain is home to a veritable spring of health and well-being situated less than 30 minutes from the coast of Granada and Almería. We refer to the Sierra de La Alpujarra Mountains, a marvelous setting that contains numerous springs and thermal waters which offer therapeutic properties. A highly beneficial combination of beach and mountains, where you can effortlessly look after yourself both inside and out.

The peaks of the Sierra Nevada give rise to one of the greatest treasures in Andalusia: the waters of Las Alpujarras. Rich in bicarbonates, calcium, magnesium, iron and phosphates, their mineral-medicinal properties were recognized by the ancient Romans and they are suitable for treating anemia, improving the skin and relieving rheumatic, muscular or gastric complaints. This mountain range extends through both Granada and Almería, and is dotted with natural springs and spas which have mostly been adapted for public use. Take advantage of the beneficial effects of their waters in the simplest possible way: bathing, drinking or enjoying specific treatment at the existing spa centers. All less than half an hour from the beach and in the exceptional setting of the Sierra Nevada Nature Reserve.

In Las Alpujarras region, just 46 kilometers from Granada city and 38 km from the coast, lies the spa center known as the Balneario de Lanjarón, in the town after which it is named, Lanjarón. This center of thermal waters has five separate springs, each with their own traits and properties, which act as a muscular analgesic and sedative, as well as their many other qualities. Nearby, in La Tahá, the waters that spring up in the Bermejo Canyon are ideal for boosting your iron levels.

The area lying within Almería also contains rejuvenating spas and hot springs. In the town ofAlhama de Almería, just 22 kilometers from the city of Almería, lies the spa center known as the Balneario de San Nicolás. Further on, in Laujar de Andarax, you can drink from the 16 springs that exist in the town, and mid-way along the 11 kilometers that separate this town from Paterna del Río, lie the famous baths known as the Baños de Santiago, located at a place called Guarros. This thermal complex includes a communal swimming pool, a separate pool for children, a small shower area and a fountain; the services are free and their mineral and gaseous properties are especially recommended for the skin. Also very popular for boosting iron levels in the blood is the Fuente Agria spa in Paterna del Río and, seven kilometers further on, the Bayárcal spa.

Discover all that Las Alpujarras, Andalusia, has to offer: health and well-being in abundance, surrounded by magnificent scenery and close to the beach. What more can you ask for?

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