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Olive Groves Guided Tour In Seville

Olive Groves Guided Tour In Seville Packages
Country: Spain
City: Seville
Duration: 2 Hour(s) - 0 Minute(s)
Tour Category: Walking & Food

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Learn about the history and cultivation of olives during a tour of a local farm near Seville

Explore Spain's longstanding connection with olives during a visit to a local farm

Discover the ancient traditions surrounding olives, ranging from religious to cosmetic to culinary Identify between different varieties of olives during a delicious tasting session

Great mix of history and food tasting 

Embark on a 2-hour guided olive oil tasting session in the Merrha and Basilippo olive farm in Seville. Your local guide will provide you with amazing insights about the history and culture of the area and how it relates to the olive oil tradition that has developed there. Make the best of your stay in Spain and embark on the Olive Groves Guided Tour in Seville.

The legendary olive tree and olive oil made from its fruits have accompanied the history of humanity. From its beginning, the olive tree and its fruits have been present in the history of man; both in sacred rituals and in everyday life, olive oil has been used not only to enrich food but also in massage and beauty techniques. The various tools used for harvesting and processing olives, discovered by archaeologists in numerous excavation sites throughout the Mediterranean area, as well as in many passages of the Bible and the Koran, prove the historical importance of the olive and its oil. The origin of the cultivation of olives is not clear. Its origins could be in the oleaster, a thorny bush with small fruits, of little use to man, but found extensively in the Mediterranean climate. On the other hand, some believe that in the Copper Age (4000 B.C.), in the Near East, a variety of large and meaty fruits were created by making hybrids between African and Asian olive trees. The olive began to be used for culinary means immediately. The oil, obtained from the olives by primitive methods, was used for diverse purposes: as a food, as ointment, as lamp oil, etc. The same medicinal arts are based mainly in the application of olive oil on the body as well as concoctions for drinking. It’s interesting to note that, in Babylon, the doctor was known as “asu”, which means literally, “knowledgeable about oils”. You will learn all of this history, and all about the legacy left by the Greeks and Romans on the Iberian Peninsula, in this guided tour of the Merrha and Basilippo olive farm, where you will discover the process of olive harvesting and different oil types.

The olive oil museum will give you an historical point of reference in terms of the original cultivation, and then you will put our senses to the test with a tasting session to learn the difference between different kinds of oils. To know Basilippo olive oil is to know a special and celebrated brand, having won many prized and used by some of the best restaurants in the world.



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