Exploring Tourism in Spain
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A Different Spain: Murcia And Albacete

A week after we saw the river Mundo from the Altaria train shortly after it passed an old station called Estacion de Agramon, my eternal companion dona Carolina and I get out of our hired Skoda and listen to the sound of absolute silence. We’re on the Green route between the hamlets of Agramon and Las Minas, a beautiful micro reserve , bordering the Provinces of Albacete and Murcia. The river Mundo flows by on its way to the Embalse de Camarillas, a stunning turquoise lake. the rio Mundo, Destruction and growth in one caption, We are in the ‘Yesares de Hellin’ (‘ Gypsum Sites of Hellin’) where we can see for miles around yet we see the hallmarks of maybe a recent forest fire but at the same time either undamaged trees, or new growth. The turquoise Lake, Tantalisingly the path down to the lake side itself is prohibited to ‘all but official employees’ but the view is still beautiful. At the junction of the ‘main’ road and the lake track, is a signpost indicating - Camino de Anibal, Hannibal’s Trail. Las Minas is just a few miles away. We need a coffee and thankfully there’s “Bar Levante” on the main street here. This hamlet was a major sulphur mining town up until the late 60’s. Inside its as old as the 60’s, full of historic photos of the area as it was, and also apparently, the last ever bag of mined sulphur. This area is absolutely captivating, Just beyond, lie the rice marshes of Calasparra, but that will be for another time, in this great part of Spain.

Mi Primer Viaje A España

Vivo en USA y soy de Argentina. Despues de mas de 30 anos de vivir en Estados Unidos, puedo decir que he encontrado el pais para vivir en un futuro muy cercano ESPANA, Madrid. Es un pais que encontre todo lo que en realidad estaba buscando. Gente linda, Lugares magnificos, Playas increibles, como ser San Sebastian. Espana nos gusta tanto y digo nos por que con mi mujer Marcela sentimos lo mismo por este pais. Se lo recomiendo a quien lea esta nota. Espana es una maravilla. En este viaje que comienza el 1de Noviembre Iremos a Portugal y toda la costa norte. "El Cantabrico" hasta San Sebastian. Exploring Tourism en España nos ha ayudado a reservar todo nuestro viaje y estamos muy satisfechos del trato que hemos recibido